Product Categories

SOLAS Products

T-ISS manufactures specialised tapes for use in marine and offshore market. We have developed high tack tapes for many different applications. Our tapes are made out of the best quality materials and designed to be used in the harsh marine environment. Where applicable, all tapes have all required certification from the major classification societies as well as USCG. T-ISS tape will always be in compliance with all IMO and Solas regulation and carries the wheelmark where applicable. 

SOLAS Reflective Tape

T-ISS Retro Reflective Solas Tape is intended for reflectorizing equipment.

Spray Stop
Anti-Splash Tape

SprayStop Anti-Splashing Tape is used to prevent spray from tubes.

Spray Control
Sealing Tape

Spray Control protection tape is a highly resistant sealing tape.

PipeRep Repair Tape

PipeRepair Tape is a complete kit designed to repair leaking, cracked or broken pipes.

Hatch Cover
BlueLiner Tape

Hatch Cover Tape is designed to seal hatchcover rims to prevent damage.

Drip Stop
No Leak Tape

DripStop Tape is used to prevent leakage, saltage and corrosion.

Cor Stop
Zinc Tape

CorStop Tape is developed to cover surfaces and prevent corrosion.

Heat Stop
Insulation Tape

HeatStop Tape is a basalt fibertape used for heat insulation.

Rust Stop
Anti Corrosion Tape

RustStop Tape is a corrosion protectiontape.


Photolumeniscent Tape is a indoor/outdoor photolume tape.

Slip Stop
Anti Skid Tape

SlipStop Tape is indoor/outdoor tape used to prevent skidding.

Foam Tape
Fixation Tape

Foam Tape is a high-quality fixation tape.

Floor Tape

Floor Tape is a special tape used to mark specific area's on floors.

Seal Warranty Tape

Seal Warranty tape is being used to seal specific objects to prevent people using them.

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape is used to mark specific objects.